Who I Am

My name is Sydney Croteau and I am a traditional wildlife artist located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Currently, I am attending school at Eastern Washington University with a major in Studio Art – Drawing. My goal is to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Accounting.

I am also focusing on building my portfolio, participating in local art shows, and contributing to the local community through workshops and commissions during the summer months.

As a quick note, Raye is my middle name, not my last name. I chose to use my middle name because of its simplicity compared to my last name, “Croteau”, which is often mispronounced or misspelled.

What I Do

I create mixed media drawings of wildlife with an emphasis on photorealism. Each detail is painstakingly captured in my drawings, and I work very hard to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed. My drawings reflect my personality – very clean, organized, and detailed. My goal in creating these works is to harness more appreciation for wildlife. By focusing on the details, I imply that the natural world deserves more than just a quick glance.

How I Do It

I focus on building my personal portfolio during the summer months when I am not in school. During this time, I spend my free days working on my artwork. When I am in school during the Fall, Spring, and Winter quarters, all of my time is dedicated to my schoolwork. I am always driven to be productive and to produce artwork that meets the high standards that I set for myself, whether it is in school or otherwise. Without this natural drive, I would not be chasing the path that I have chosen for myself.