Who I Am

My name is Sydney Croteau and I am a wildlife artist located in the beautiful Northwest. Currently, I am focusing on building my portfolio, participating in local art shows, and contributing to the local community through workshops and commissions.

I am also attending school during the Fall and Spring semesters and double-majoring in Art and Nutrition. My goal is to graduate with a Master’s of Fine Art as well as a Bachelor’s in Nutrition.

Raye is actually my middle name, not my last name. I chose to use my middle name because of its simplicity compared to my last name, “Croteau” (not many people ever remember how to spell or pronounce “Croteau”).

What I Do

I create mixed media drawings of wildlife with an emphasis on photorealism. Each detail is painstakingly captured in each of my drawings, and I work very hard to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed. My drawings reflect my personality – very clean, organized, and concise. My goal in creating these works is to harness more appreciation for wildlife. By focusing on the details, I imply that animals deserve more than just a quick glance.

How I Do It

I work at least eight hours a day (many times even longer), seven days a week creating artwork and managing my social media accounts. I am always driven to be productive and to produce artwork that meets the high standards I set for myself. Without this natural drive, I would not be where I am today. I believe my raw determination and ambition is what has led me to follow the path that I want for myself, rather than the path someone else wants me to lead.